The ACBL and Bridge Base Online are now collaborating to provide InterCity Bridge with its own PRIVATE online games.


OPEN games are every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 1.05 pm and Saturdays at 6.30 pm! 

LIMITED (0-299) games are every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at 1.15 pm!

Click here to learn more! And visit our Results page or click here to see the results of our games!

Intercity Bridge Club is Sarasota's longest operating bridge club. It continues to host ACBL sanctioned duplicate bridge games on Mondays and Tuesdays throughout the year. Our games start at 12.50pm each day. Visit our Game Dates page for details of all play and instruction dates and times.

We play an Open Game and a 299er Game each day. Our games can be quite large and our capacity is 72 tables so please make a reservation well in advance to ensure that you have a seating assignment when you arrive.

We can also help you find a partner if you contact us well in advance of game time. Please join us.

Because we are on hiatus, please contact us if you would like a PDF version of the directory so that you can stay in touch with your fellow bridge players - particularly to setup our new private online club games on Mondays and Tuesdays at 1.00 pm.

In an abundance of concern for the health and well-being of our players, their families and our community, the InterCity Bridge Club has suspended play until further notice. We will be evaluating the COVID-19 situation and will advise you when our game days will resume. Please continue to visit this website for further information on the resumption of play. Thank you for your understanding on this matter.

In the meantime you can play in our PRIVATE CLUB online games on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 1.05 pm. Bridge Base Online will be hosting our online games.  And when you play online, you play with your friends and help to support our club financially. Please click here for all the exciting details.

Thank You Volunteers!

Precautions for Coronavirus

The Intercity Bridge Club Board is advising all its players that there are now published precautions in dealing with the coronavirus situation. Please review these precautions. Thank you.

The Intercity Bridge Club Board thanks the players who volunteered to serve as greeters during February 2020. Greeters receive a FREE PLAY in appreciation for their support.

We need volunteer greeters. Please click here to learn more about how to volunteer! Thank you.



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