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Bridge Tip of the Week

Each week we will be providing our players with a new bridge tip that might help to improve their games. These are not necessarily foolproof tips that will work every time. Rather, they are tips that bridge players use as guidelines for better bidding and playing. And as always, partnership understandings are the most important aspects of your game. If you have a bridge tip that you would like to share, let us know by clicking on this link.

7. Rule of 1

As declarer, if there is only one remaining high trump out, leave it out unless you have a long suit to play in dummy. 

6. Rule of 15

Open in the fourth seat if you add the number of points in your hand to the number of spades and the total is 15 or more.

5. Rule of 11

When you are declarer in a NT contract, subtract the number on the card of the opening lead from 11. This will tell you how many cards higher than the lead are in your hand, the dummy and your right hand opponent.

4. Rule of 7

When you are declarer in a NT contract, hold up your only stopper in no trump contracts by adding the number of cards in the suit led that are held by you and dummy – and then subtract the total from seven.

3. Reese's Maxim

Do not double for penalties until you have reached the maximum makeable contract your pair can achieve.

2. Rule of 22 - Opening Bids

This is Rule of 20's more conservative cousin, perhaps when your side is vulnerable or your partnership understanding is to play a very disciplined game. In Rule of 22, add together your points and the length of your two longest suits and your certain defensive tricks (ex. A, KQ, onside K). If the total is 22+, then you have an opening bid.

1. Rule of 20 - Opening Bids

Add together your points and the length of your two longest suits. If the total is 20+, you have an opening bid.

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