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Entering and Parking at Temple Sinai

Beginning Monday, May 13, please observe these two new regulations when you arrive for our bridge games:

  • All players will now enter the building via the front door.

  • All vehicles are to be parked in front of the building. 

  • Yellow concrete bumpers/barriers define each parking space in the front of the building where we are permitted to park. 

  • The lawn behind the social hall, the lawn at the end of the parking lot, the private (named) parking spaces and the spaces in front of the school are NOT to be used by our players. 

  • Players can be dropped off at the front door using the circular driveway but vehicles cannot remain there for more than a couple of minutes.

Following is a map showing the parking locations for InterCity Bridge Club players.

We Need More Door Greeters!

Because we now have two sets of doors to pass through to enter the social hall, we will need 2 greeters each play day. 


We hope you will help us. One day each month would certainly help. Two days each month would be terrific! Three days would be wonderful!


We start at 12:15p. Please help us by contacting Ron Dewey or Paul McClusky. Or email us at

Thank you!

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