Volunteering at InterCity Bridge Club

The InterCity Bridge Club Board thanks the players who volunteered to serve as greeters during the months of November, December and January.

Nora Branconi (4)

Judy Cole (2)

Rainey Davis (9)

Steve Ellis (2)

Gen Geiger

Michel Huguenin

Betty Curry Johnson

Wayne Johnson

Karen Jones

Sylva Kanderal

George Kenworthy

Alexis Kopperman

Sandy Lindheimer

Carol Lindholm

Ken Lindholm

Arlene McClusky

Paul McClusky

Terry McHenry

Bob Meisel (2)

Karen Miller (3)

Paul Miller (3)

Ann Munson (2)

Tony Munson (2)

Sheila Namiot (2)

Barbara Norman

Hyman Pokoloff

Ann Pollock

Phyllis Prager

Marcia Rabb

Les-Lee Roland (8)

Marv Rosen

Susan Shimelman (2)

Tracy Weaver (8)

Every greeter received a Free Play in appreciation for his/her support of the Intercity Bridge Club.


If you are interested in serving as a greeter, contact Roz Rosenthal at rozzierooh@gmail.com.


Openings in February 2020:


Monday, February 24th – 1 greeter needed

Tuesday, February 25th – 1 greeter needed


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