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Precautions in Dealing with the CoronaVirus

We want to reassure everyone that our club will be taking additional precautions to help keep everyone safe and healthy.  Effective immediately the following precautions are in effect.

  • Evidence of received vaccinations or evidence of antibodies from prior infection will be required for admission.


  • Masks are no longer required but you can wear one if you wish.


  • Hand sanitizers will be available at every table.  


  • We will provide water but no food during an initial opening phase.  


  • Bid boxes will be carried from table to table by East/West pairs.


  • We will be disinfecting all tables, chairs, guide cards and Bridgemates every day.

If you are not feeling well, please do NOT attend our game.  Anyone who is clearly ill will be asked politely to leave.

Frequent hand washing with soap and water is strongly encouraged.

Trash is to disposed of by each individual player at the end of each session.  Nobody should have to touch your dirty napkin, tissue or coffee mug.


If we all work together we can help keep everyone healthy! Thank you.


The Intercity Bridge Club Board

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