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Instructions for Signing Up and Playing in the InterCity Private Games

1. Game Dates: OPEN games are on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 1.05 pm ET.

                           LIMITED (0-299) games are on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1.15 pm ET.

2. Registration opens up two (2) hours before game time. The game fee is $5.00.

3. Games are played at

4. Become a Bridge Base Online member or log in if you already are one. Make sure your ACBL number is correct.

5. Ensure that both you and your partner have sufficient BBO funds to your accounts by using the BB$ button in the top right corner of the page.

The following are some very helpful videos courtesy of the Dallas Bridge Club. Note - these videos will download to your computer.


How to Sign Up for BBO Account

Note: You must use your email to confirm your registration.


How to Add BBO Funds to Your BBO Account


How to Add Your ACBL Number to Your Account 

6. When making a reservation for our private games, follow the instructions as show at the right after logging into

7. Find our private games in the ACBL Virtual Clubs menu - VACB108563 or use the Search bar for 'Pairs InterCity BC'.

8. Add yourself and your partner. IMPORTANT! Both you and your partner must be online at the same time to do this and be sure your ACBL numbers are correct and you sufficient funds in each of your BBO accounts.

9. You can also find a partner using the Partership Desk' - or you can email Jeff Nunes for assistance. 

10. After you make your reservation, return to BBO and the ACBL World lobby no later than 10 minutes before each game time.

11. Before you can play, prepare your device using these instructions:

- Using a COMPUTER (recommended), you will only require the use of your favorite browser.

- Using a TABLET, go to or your APP STORE and download the 'Bridge Base Online' app.

- Using a SMARTPHONE, go to your APP STORE and download the 'Bridge Base Online' app.

BBO Playing Directions 03 30 20.jpg


12. The results of our online games are reported by ACBL Live for Clubs. Please click here to view the results.


Suggestions for choosing a BBO Username

- Choose a Username that will help your InterCity friends find you easily.

- Consider using your full name in the area called 'Real Name'

- Consider using 'IBC' as the first three letters and your first name and last initial for the remainder (ex. IBCBobJ).

- We are also in the process of developing a BBO Friends list so that InterCity bridge players can know who their friends are and can see how they are performing!

If anyone needs assistance, please contact Jeff Nunes by email, text or phone (941.567.8078).

BBO Screen 03 22 20.jpg

The way to register for this type of game is different than the the InterCity Private Club Game. For this type of game you have to access these games through the ACBL Work menu from the Home page as shown at right

SPACE IS LIMITED to the BBO Open Games so you and partner MUST be back online 10 minutes before the game starts to retain your spot.

Instructions for Signing Up and Playing in the BBO 'Support Your Local Club' Open Games


The other BBO 'Support Your Local Club Black Point' online games are international games and are scheduled everyday at 10:00 am, 5:00 pm, 7:30 pm ET. 


Registration for all Support Your Local Club Black Point games opens 2 hours before start time and both partners need to be online to register as a partnership. Once you are registered, you can leave BBO while you wait for the game to begin. 

Prior to registration you must have money in your BBO account. Games cost $5.00 for 18 boards. $4 of the entry fee goes back to your local clubs in percentages corresponding to your club play over the last 12 months as tracked by your ACBL number.  Games are 128 minutes long, 7 minutes per board.  


The BBO format requires players to “Alert” your own bid; your partner doesn’t see the “Alert” on their screen but your opponents do.


Register as early as possible - 2 hours prior to each game is recommended. In the future, BBO is planning to expand the number of pairs for each game and it is also planning additional daily games - ex. 1.00 pm ET. 


If you’re in need of assistance in signing up for BBO or to learn more about the "Support Your Local Club Black Point Games", please visit the new frequently asked questions section within

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